Goblin & Grog - Dungeon World Campaign

Adventure Awaits!

The first session is just over a week away!

The table is set, the players arrive… so now what?!

On 11/20/16 at 7:30 PM EST we will have our very first session of this new campaign. If anyone is interested, you can get a copy of the Dungeon World rules from DriveThruRPG here for just $10. It shouldn't be necessary, but I know some of you may want to.

Character creation is quick and easy and we will do it together during our first session. It is meant to be a collaborative process.

We will use Google Hangouts since we are spread out across the country, and I'm looking into a dice rolling plugin that we will all use. I plan on rolling "in front of the screen" as it were.

See you next week!



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