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Welcome to the Through the Iron Spire wiki! This is the wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for the wiki. From here you can find links to the main areas of the wiki, or just start exploring! To get you started, here are some of the main areas you may want to check out.


Notes about the world of Through the Iron Spire


Here you will find links to the various locations found on our adventures. Be it a city, a shop, or a dungeon, this is where it can be found.


Notes on all the different groups you have come across, and their members.


This is the repository of information discovered during the campaign. What is the Cult of the Rising Phoenix? Where are all these fire beetles coming from? Who ate the last pop-tart? These are the important questions you will ponder here.


Links, tables, cheat sheets… you name it. All the things we need or find useful  that aren't directly related to the campaign itself.


Just a place to put things that aren't really related to the game if you want.

Main Page

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