Goblin & Grog - Dungeon World Campaign

Attack on the north road

Strange creatures and squeamish politicians

On the north road, about 1/2 days journey from Wolfwater, the founding members of The Coyotes of Fortune new chapter ran into some trouble! A caravan had been attacked and set aflame by small Green men, the likes of which had never been seen.

After dispatching with 2, and scaring off the remaining creatures, the party discovered the grim fait of the caravan's occupants. Bringing the 2 remaining unburnt victims, and one of the strange Green men, they proceeded to Wolfwater.

The liaison assigned to The Coyotes of Fortune, Tim met them at their new headquarters to make sure they were settled in, and agreed to take the bodies for identification, and to see if any of the towns scholars might have a clue what the mysterious Green men are. He then asked the chapter leader, Barvoro to join him as he left to discuss a private matter.

Not trusting the intentions of Tim or Barvoro, the party decided to send Delong after them to see what he could learn. It appeared that Barvoro had brought Tim some kind of ointment to help with an issue he was having.

After their long journey, everyone was ready to pack it in for the night.



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